Successful communication is two-way:  speaking and listening.  Communication Essentials builds success in both.


Public Speaking: 

Learn strategies and techniques to sell ideas and yourself.  Just-In-Time Coaching helps you achieve the confidence and practice to speak in front of small and large groups.


Speaking for Scientists, Engineers, and Techies:

Just-In-Time Coaching provides technical experts with the skills and perspective to communicate with and sell ideas to non-technical people.  Using the DiSC communication assessment tool, Techies learn about their style and perspective and how to attract both the verbal and nonverbal needs of their audience.  Techies learn to  refocus and rewrite their message using metaphors and analogies to best sell ideas and engage listeners.



Listening is vital for good communication in all aspects of life, yet is overlooked in trainings and even day-to-day interactions.  Just-In-Time Coaching focuses on asking open-ended questions through role-plays to gather information and build relationships.  Open-ended questions are ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions and require more than a yes/no, or, one-word answer.   Listening and using open-ended questions is perfect to resolve conflict, interview and find the perfect candidate, solve problems, and manage ‘performance’ issues at home and in the work place.

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