Science & Social Skills

Chemistry and Living Environment Tutoring fused with Communication Coaching for your Teen’s Life Success!

Science is fun!  This unique approach provides your child, teen or college student to love science!   My method helps him/her learn skills, attitudes, and knowledge to pass science AND be prepared to thrive in the personally and professionally in the future.   Bridging science ‘rules’ along with communicaton and leadership skills, your teen will navigate technology while possessing communication skills to build relationships and sell ideas.

My Experience:

  • I am a former high school biology and chemistry teacher (Chicago and NYC), adjunct professor of Education (Chicago, NYU), and, corporate consultant working for organizations including Walgreens, Intel, Helene Curtis, Inc., City of Portland, Department of Juvenile Justice NYC, Oregon Peace Institute, and Strom Manufacturing.  This tutoring bridges my science background with the communication and soft skills I taught in the corporate world.  After all, the sooner a teen learns about themselves, the happier and more successful they will be!

Rationale and My Philosophy:  

  • Technology and science are becoming increasingly important for people to know.  Communication and the ability to lead and manage people is becoming increasingly rare as technology becomes the way people connect (ironically!).
  • This tutoring is based on my skills and philosophy everyone should possess Emotional Intelligence:  the ability to understand their strengths and utilize these characteristics in work, personal relationships, and, importantly managing money and saving for the future while living a great life.

Perfect for:

  • All students, and especially those who are challenged by science.  This approach teaches them to apply science rules to themselves and all other subjects.
  • Girls who believe they don’t like science, yet will blossom once they identify how science relates to their interests and current social needs.
  • Boys who text more than talk; my tutoring allows them to talk about ideas which improve relationships and will help them in their future.
  • You and your teen help create the goals added to the science!

Better than traditional tutoring:

  • Along with actual science content, coaching for  Emotional Intelligence, helps your teen learn: how to learn any subject, problem-solve, communicate, develop confidence, speak publicly, Listen, resolve conflict, and, manage money.

Rates and Options:

  • 2 hours = $75
  • 3 or more sessions = $60/2hour session
  • Groups of 2 = $100
  • Study groups of 3 or more, call for rates

Here’s a few examples how science is tied to social skills:

  • Niche (biology) and Periodic Table (chemistry):  Communication style
  • Predator/prey (bio) and Gas laws (Chem):  Conflict Management
  • Immune system (bio) and Gas laws (Chem):  Creativity
  • All sciences:  Equilibrium and balance
  • Environmental Science, balancing equations (Chem):  Money Management (Read more…)
  • Ecosystems (bio) Chemical bonding (Chem):  Relationships and dating

Specifically students will learn:

  1. Communication style using the DiSC assessment tool
  2. Values and what’s important/motivating using a standard tool
  3. DiSC and values tools both teach about conflict management
  4. Values focuses financial literacy and managing money from first jobs to retirement
  5. Speaking and Listening skills are developed through processes including:  ‘open-ended questions, ‘I’-statements, Peter Senge’s Moments of Awareness, and, non-verbal messages.

 Provide your teen with skills for a lifetime! Call or text 1-646-643-7760 for more information and a free consultation.

or email me at:


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