Communication is key to addressing most of life’s challenges.

Just-In-Time Coaching provides the skills and strategies to learn what you need, when you need it: to accomplish goals, build relationships, and ‘sell’ ideas.

Building on Communication Essential toolsJust-In-Time Coaching identifies immediate needs, and focuses what you want and need to accomplish.  You learn the skills and strategies through role-plays to apply for present and future situations.

Just-In-Time Coaching is focused and delivers results in as little as two hours.

Examples of Just-In-Time Coaching Clients:

Performance Reviews: S. focused her goals and identified through the DiSC communication assessment tool the source of her boss’s perception.  Using this  information, she learned to sell her skills to move into a new position.

Selling:  M. learned strategies to communicate and sell to different clients based on his DiSC style.

Managing and Resolving Conflict:  A. was in constant conflict with her boss.  Using the DiSC style she learned the best way to communicate to get her needs met and NOT get sucked into a ‘fight’ with her boss.

Work Stress:  M.R. was stressed by a co-worker’s micro-management which was raising her blood pressure.  M. changed her perspective on her co-worker after learning about this woman’s DiSC communication style.

Accomplishing Life Goals:  L.L. wanted love and a family and was frustrated by her current situation.  After identifying her Values, she learned to focus her time and interactions to get her needs – not someone else’s needs – met.

Interviewing:  P. wondered why she never got past the second interview until we role-played the situation.  Uncovering the mixed messages her negative nonverbals were sending she was able to practice telling her story in a positive and dynamic fashion.

Listening:  J. is a dynamic communicator and presenter yet was frustrated in conversations with her husband.  Reminding her to use Communication Essentials Elicitive/Open-ended questions helped her to improve their relationship.  Using ‘why’, and ‘how’ questions helped her to focus her listening  without judgement while listening to him.

Public Speaking:  A. was a young entrepreneur in need of funding for her non-profit.  She learned to speak in front of potential funders selling her organization and herself.


What skills are needed for you or your organization to succeed today?  Call 646-643-7760 for an introductory session!

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