There is a saying: 

 ‘The way you do anything is the way you do everything’

sitting pic 2

That ‘everything’ is communication:  words, behavior, actions, reactions.


Everything is the reason communication is Essential.

Communication is Essential to get across a message and to connect with others.

Communication is essential to successfully accomplish goals.

As your coach and facilitator, I work with you to turn talk into interaction.   I will work with you individually, or with organizational groups using Communication Essentials’ two tools and two processes which will polish and perfect the way you do everything – the staple of your identity.

The essential two tools:

  • The DiSC communication and behavioral style assessment tool, and,
  • Values Clarification to identify and define what is most important and directs action to manage conflict, finances, and career

The essential two processes improve connection and communication:

  • Moments of Awareness, three questions which help solve problems and focus action, and,
  • Elicitive or open-ended questions to enhance the most important – and difficult – communication: LISTENING!

Communication Essentials’ coach and facilitator is Linda Katz:

Over twenty years of coaching, facilitating and teaching has provided me with experience and expertise in using these essential tools and processes with organizations including Walgreens, Intel, Helene Curtis, Inc., City of Portland, Department of Juvenile Justice, Governing Institute of New Jersey.

I’ve done lots of different work, yet it all boils down to some sort of coaching and teaching.  And no matter what I am doing, I am reminded of the importance of identity:  through these two tools.  I always say if I had learned about them when I was younger, I would have been more focused – and happier.  And don’t we all DESERVE that knowledge and ability!

Working with Teens on Identity and Success Coaching AND Science Tutoring:

I’ve worked extensively in education as a high school science teacher, and, education adjunct professor at four universities including NYU.  I believe everyone – including and especially teens should learn about their style and identity so they understand they are good the way they are.   Providing teens the understanding of who they are (through DiSC and values), my coaching works as a guide for building strategies for success in their lives, relationships, school AND finances.  Best – and most uniquely – this coaching can be linked with tutoring in Chemistry and Biology!

Working with Scientists, Engineers, and Techies:

My science background (high school chemistry/biology teacher, R&D training specialist, and technical trainer) allows me to work with and coach technical people to successfully communicate with a non-technical audience.   Using a variety of techniques and tools including the DiSC communication assessment tool and science metaphors, I help techies rewrite and repackage their verbal and nonverbal messages.

 Communication Essential is effective in virtually every personal and professional relationship including:

Relationships:  Communication Essentials builds interpersonal connections based on  understanding the best and most appropriate way to deliver messages to be heard and to manage conflict.

Career and work:  In this changing and challenging economy, having tools and strategies to communicate and ‘sell’ skills and ideas is key to success.   The DiSC (communication) assessment tool provides specific strategies to focus skills and knowledge to improve managing and motivating people, and deliver powerful presentations.

Finances:  Balanced finances provide a balanced life.  Identifying values is the first step to determine if time and money spent provides meaning and satisfaction.  This process is equally effective for individuals or nonprofits.

Improve your essential being through Communication Essentials tools and processes.  Call 1-646-643-7760 for a free consult and introductory session!

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