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Fall Beginnings: Welcome to the season of change

27 Oct

Ready or not:   Shorter days, cooler nights, and, rainy days are here bringing promise of leaves bursting into color urging us to wrap

ourselves in layers of warmth.  New opportunities the color of fire pile up around us!

It’s time to transform ourselves and begin again!

Beginnings start with the end in clear sight.  Scrutinizing past success – and failure -allows us to take responsibility.

Responsibility doesn’t require apologies.  Just intention to change.

Fall brings the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashonah and transormation through the  ritual of Tashlich,, Symbolically

Tashlich in action: I find an object to represent what I am tossing from my life and another representing what I want. Pic courtesy of Pam F. Triple Falls, Columbia Gorge in Portland, Oregon

I toss thoughts I want gone into a flowing body of water.  Then,  ‘what’ I want brought into my life follows.

Rosh Hashonah’s reminds us the past provides experience and renewal is focused on the present.

My friend Chris recommended this  fall ritual: A Must-Do Autumn Ritual!: .

Tashlich reminds me to act from where I’ve ‘missed the mark’ (t’shuva) to action, overcoming  challenges and accomplishing new goals.

Change  requires an internal spark that ‘feels’ hard to ignite, which is why I’ve been known to set the same goals over and over.

My 10-year old friend Judy ignites her belief each morning, dancing to “I Believe” from the movie ‘Mirror Mirror”.

I’m remembering to dance.  For backup,  I’m looking beyond YouTube for this year’s path to renewal.

Specifically, I’m combining Peter Senge’s Moments of Awareness (MoMA).

with  questions from Molly Gordon’s 2004 Authentic Promotion newsletter

I believe in these 3 steps!  Try them and let me know what you think:

Step 1:   Ask:   What am I feeling?  What is happening right now?

Wikipedia used this pic to show how this couple communicates their feelings through eye contact, touch, and body position – some things don’t change!

Actions speak louder than words.   70% of messages ‘heard’ are nonverbal: tone, facial expressions, body language, and appearance.  ‘Listen’ to your nonverbal messages:

  • How do you carry yourself?
  • What causes you to smile authentically?
  • What does the way you dress say about how you feel?

Step 2:  Ask:  What do I want?

Those ‘can’t live without wants are your values.  Meet your values and those nagging feelings of unease will be gone.  I’m using values to focus work, relationships, and even finances in my personal and coaching life.  I like to remind myself:  you can put food on the table and still starve (literally and metaphorically).  Don’t go hungry:

  • What are your values?
  • Which values are met in your everyday life?
  • Which unmet values will you change your life to meet?

Step 3:   Ask:  What am I doing to prevent myself from getting what I want?

Words are medicine:  what words do you use to talk about yourself?

I know it’s easy to use negative self-talk especially when it’s what you hear.  Turn off the noise (or your cell phone).  Decide what words you want to believe!  Write  an affirmation:

  • What you can you say to yourself to change how you feel about what you do and who you are?
  • How will you act and feel differently when you say these words OUT LOUD?
  • Revisit Step 1.  Feeling better?  ‘Look’ better?
  • Where will you write these words so you are constantly reminded?

Change it up – it’s fall after all and a new beginning.   My reminder:   I want a life that supports my values, I know I have to focus on these values so “I believe”. 

My journey this year begins my new (and last) blog – promise!:, about how human behavior mimics the laws of science and nature.

This blog is about how communication essentials are found in nature and high school science, along with more whimsical writing including conversations between Mother Nature, Humankind, Greenback and Credit Card.  I promise it will be unique so I hope you will follow beginningNovember 1!

I’ll also be continuing my first blog and adding new thoughts and old pictures to last year’s conversational journey, which has opened my eyes and mind .

This blog will continue to focus on coaching and communication.

And what about you:

Try MoMA to focus your change:  does it work for you?

Share your rituals for change!

  What seeds will you plant this fall to reach your goals for this new year?

Here’s to a glorious new year filled with color and new bloom!